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Boycott travel to China if you love dogs

Boycott travel to China if you love dogs

Boycott travel to China altogether. Voices are getting louder and louder to forget China as a travel and tourism destination. These voices however disappear in tourism destinations around the world, because of the importance of Chinese visitors they wanted to attract to their own shores or cities. Here is why.

Eating dog meat may just be a way for the local government to boost tourist numbers in the south-western town of Yulin, China.

In 2008 Yulin (Yangshuo ) became a travel and tourism destination for those that love to eat and kill dogs. If you like dogs, why don’t you just buy them all?”  These are the demands of a local man laughing and continued “Dog meat is good for the libido. Want to try it with me tonight?”

Yulin formerly known as Watlam is one of the 14 prefecture-level cities of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China.  Yulin is located in southeastern Guangxi  province along the border with Guangdong. t is a hilly basin with a total area of 12,838 km2 (4,957 sq mi).

This ancient town is a well-developed, tourist-friendly area, but still maintains its historic roots. Yangshuo is most often reached from the nearby city of Guilin, where there’s an airport (Guilin Liangjiang International Airport – KWL) or by bus, airport shuttle, taxi, or rented car. For a more scenic route to Yangshuo, you can take a scenic boat ride from Guilin down the Li River. It’s a slower way to reach your destination (about four hours) and a bit more expensive than a bus ride, but the iconic Li River cruise is privy to stunning scenic views, including the spot that is depicted on the Chinese 20 yuan note – a bend of the river with spectacular karst mountains in the background. If you’re interested in taking a Li River cruise, note that in the winter, or dry season, most boats depart from farther down the river (instead of in Guilin specifically), so you’ll need to get to the departure area by shuttle, bus or taxi.

This all sounds harmless, romantic and beautiful so far, unless if you get hungry for some good local food. What about some delicious dogs?

Eating dog meat is not just an isolated issue in China. Dogs are on the dinner table in many parts of Asia.

This video is shocking. So please use your own judgement before watching it.

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This “festival” is an event that starts on June 21st of every year during the summer solstice and it lasts for 10 long horrifying days in which 10,000–15,000 dogs (as well as cats) are tortured and then consumed. However, it is estimated 25 million dogs are stolen, sold, bought, and eaten every year with the illegal dog and cat meat trade. A larger percentage of these dogs consist of pets stolen right from their loving families. The rest of the dogs are captured strays from the streets and some raised in dog farms. After these animals are stolen, bought, or captured they are then transported for days without any food or water, crammed in tiny cages together so tightly that they are unable to even move.

At the yulin festival, throughout those days, these animals will be hung, burned, skinned, boiled, torched, dismembered, electrocuted and beaten…ALIVE..out in the streets for public view. But If that isn’t bad enough, they intentionally torture these animals in front of the other animals in order to create even more stress and fear. The belief behind the torturing and slaughtering them while still ALIVE, is because the people of yulin believe the more adrenaline and fear that runs through the blood, the more tender and better tasting the meat will be.

Why do they eat dog meat? Because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina, it will keep them cool during the summer’s heat and it will ward off evil spirits. China’s tradition of eating dog meat has been around for over 400 years. However, it wasn’t until 2009 when the festival in Yulin began by dog meat traders in order to boost business.