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Brand USA enticing India tourists through music

Brand USA enticing India tourists through music

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Brand USA – America’s Musical Journey

The USA has many attractions for tourists and locals alike, but perhaps one of the lesser-known ones is music which has been a part of the American tradition since its beginnings.

Now, focus is on the rich “America’s Musical Journey” and being highlighted through a movie of the same name, which premiered in Delhi, India, this week and will show later in Mumbai.

More and more, tourists from India are traveling to the US to visit places connected with music now and in the country’s history.

Jason Pacheco, Global Trade Development Consultant for Brand USA, and James Namude, Director of Global Sponsorships for Brand USA, were in India to promote America’s music heritage. They told this correspondent that this will help encourage visitors to go to lesser-known places that have much to offer by way of music from today and yesterday.

They noted that Indians are keen to explore new places and attractions, and for this, the journey of music is important. They were also quick to add that giving the products a concrete shape for marketing was vital, and this was being done along with tour operators. There has been a surge in travel for niche areas and products such as food, self-drive trips, and music.

India also has a rich tradition of music, and the effort by the US is expected to be linked with India’s tourism aims, leading to more travel from India to the USA for musical journeys.