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Brexit complexity confirmed by Brits’ range of travel worries

Brexit complexity confirmed by Brits’ range of travel worries

An increase in the price of holidays abroad is the major post-Brexit fear for British travellers, with other areas of concern reflecting the far-reaching implications of leaving the EU, reveals The World Travel Market 2017 Industry Report, released Monday 6 November at WTM London.

The pound has weakened against the dollar and the euro since the referendum and many popular holiday destinations are already more expensive than before the vote. More than half (54%) the 1000-strong sample size said that they were concerned specifically about the worsening pound/euro exchange rate.

A similar proportion (52%) are worried about holidays in general becoming more expensive, while 45% are anxious about the costs of flights.

However, the World Travel Market 2017 Industry Report also reveals a range of other concerns which shows that many British travellers realise that leaving the European Union will have deep implications for overseas travel.

For example, more than one in three (38%) Brits is concerned about losing entitlement to free state healthcare in Europe with the future of the European Health Insurance Card in doubt.

One-third (33%) are nervous about the increased risk of queues at passport control.

And one-in-four expressed fears about losing the loss of free mobile roaming in Europe, a benefit which Brits have had thanks to the European Commission ruling. It is not known how the mobile phone operators will treat UK customers once the UK is not part of Europe.

Smaller but still significant worries felt by one-in-six of the sample include the loss of other consumer rights which are in place because of European legislation – 17% fear that holiday protection will suffer, with 16% concerned specifically about losing the delayed flight and denied boarding compensation scheme.

On the other hand, 24% of the sample said that they had no concerns around Brexit and its impact on their future holidays.

WTM London’s Paul Nelson, said; “Our travel-specific findings around Brexit could be a bellweather for how the country feels at the moment. Half the UK are worried about the costs, most Brits have some concerns but they are varied and a quarter of the population is saying that Brexit will not have any influence on them.

“As things stand, the British travel industry – inbound and outbound – needs to have some clarity from the negotiators around consumer protection, passport control and mobile phone bills, among other things.”

eTN is a media partner for WTM.

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