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Brussels Air respond time on Social media: 30 minutes

Brussels Airlines has confirmed that the airline’s social media service will be expanded to reach passengers and clients around the clock with reply times promised to be in the half hour range.

This will be reassuring for travelers using Brussels Airlines out of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, where the airline is flying to five times a week, six times a week and once a week respectively but even more so in Europe and North America, where more and more individuals have shifted their communication platforms from the conventional email to their preferred social media platform.

Social media transactions have gained traction in recent years after launching the initiative in 2014 and a growing number of individuals are now using Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to conduct ‘business’ and manage booking changes or make enquiries.

This latest development will also result in new positions becoming available at Brussels Airlines as the carrier seeks to recruit social media savvy individuals able to think on their feet and resolve travelers enquiries with due haste. 

While presently some 500 such business conversations are taking place each day will the widening of the scope – even payments will be possible via social media platforms from next year onward – is this number expected to at least double and continue to grow in the future.

The following social and professional media contacts can be used to engage with Brussels Airlines and the people who go the extra ‘S’Mile … 

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