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Brussels Capital Region: Tourism rises again

Brussels Capital Region: Tourism rises again

The Brussels Authorities recently decided to commission Wunderman Bruxelles agency to organize a major international campaign to promote the Region. This new initiative is set to give an extra boost to the positive prospects for the tourism sector in Brussels.

The Brussels Capital Region (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest) suffered greatly from the lockdown following the attacks in France at the end of 2015, and was directly affected by the attacks in Brussels on 22 March last year, but is now visibly starting to recover. There are encouraging signs from the various tourism sectors in the capital.

“Without doubt, tourism is vitally important for the Region´s economy. The most recent figures show that the government efforts, that were made very rapidly after the attacks, began to pay off. But we wish to go further. We must continue our efforts, so that the sector can reach its full potential once again”, states Minister-President Rudi Vervoort.

On New Year´s Eve 2016, hotels in Brussels attracted more visitors (an occupancy level of 85%, therefore a 20% increase on 2015) and the 16th edition of Winterpret was a huge success. The Region wants to continue this trend further. That is the reason to launch a major international campaign promoting the Brussels Region. It is investing four million euros for this.

“On the basis of a request for a proposal, we have commissioned Wunderman Bruxelles agency, along with Visit.Brussels, to show the Region´s attractions aboard in 2017 “, states Rudi Vervoort.

In addition, the Minister-President is set to travel throughout Europe with a focused roadshow to showcase Brussels´ attractions. The aim of the roadshow is to reach tourists and investors, but also students and business people. The roadshow will make stops in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy.

The campaign supports the city marketing of the Region and will initially be spread over a period of six months, possibly expanding international communication to the US, Japan and new developing countries.

Tourism offers a fundamental contribution to the economy in Brussels. That is why the Region has opted for a decisive policy, to continue that which was commenced in the days after the attacks.

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