Can You Ever Get a Good Deal on Vacations If You’re a Teacher?

Being a teacher is generally a pretty great job. You get to inspire young people, talk about subjects you love, and of course, you get a good long break when school is out. It can even be quite easy to train for now that so many good colleges offer a masters in education online.

While teachers do tend to have to work during school vacations to some extent, in terms of devising lessons and grading the work of pupils, this tends to also be the time most of us get to actually take a trip with family or friends. The downside is, it is also the peak travel period, and so vacations can be a lot more expensive.

Why Is Traveling During School Vacations More Expensive?

In the travel industry, peak times are more expensive, and peak times are decided based on the type of destination and the people who tend to travel there. A family vacation hot spot then, will always be more expensive when school is out, and a destination people usually visit for business will be more expensive during the week than at weekends. This is a simple case of supply and demand, and not intended to cause parents or teachers extra expense, however it does end up doing that for many of us.

But are there any ways you can still get a good deal on a vacation as someone who has slaved to get a masters in education degree and who works hard every day teaching kids?

Overseas Travel

One of the best ways to achieve cheaper travel when school is out for summer as a teacher is to look to overseas destinations. School vacations in the US are a lot longer than they are in most of Europe, for example, and so you have a window of about four weeks where school is out and it is peak travel time in America where it is still off peak in places like the UK and Spain. This means that by booking a vacation early in the school’s off period, you may be able to take advantage of cheaper hotels and flights if you go somewhere where school is still in session.

Destinations with Off Peak in Summer

Additionally, some destinations have completely different ideas of what is peak season. In places like Dubai, for instance, travel is much cheaper in August because due to the heat, a lot of the business travel they usually expect doesn’t occur. If you are cool with an air-conditioned hotel and a pool to keep you from feeling the heat, you may well enjoy a bargain vacation somewhere like this. In parts of the Southern hemisphere like Australia and New Zealand, the summer vacation season falls during our winter but they are still temperate and nice to visit in July or August, so these can also be a good option.

It is possible to get a cheaper vacation deal when you’re a professional teacher, but generally it means looking farther afield than typical US resorts.


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