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Canada’s most common travel pet peeves

Canada’s most common travel pet peeves

With the holidays fast approaching, many Canadians are dreaming about their upcoming travel adventures with family and friends.

Holiday travel can be an exciting and wonderful time for many, but most forget the annoying travel habits of some fellow travelers that threaten to take the joy out of getting to the destination!

According to a recent survey, the majority of Canadians love travelling, but find that dealing with other people’s annoying travel habits prevent them from doing things that they enjoy.

To reduce the aggravation of travelling during the holidays, Canadians are proactively taking steps to avoid any hassle, specifically, 66 per cent of Canadians schedule their travel at off-peak times to avoid the crowds and more than half of Canadians book in advance to get the best deals.

Canadians’ biggest pet peeves while traveling include (in order of frustration):

• Unexpected costs
• Transportation delays
• Complainers
• Seat etiquette offenses such as armrest hogs, seat-switchers and excessive recliners

Other survey findings include:

• Most travel etiquette offenders are under the age of 35
• A majority of Canadians (56 percent) are selective about who they will travel with
• One quarter of Canadians are annoyed most by a lack of seat courtesy and carry-on baggage offenses.
• Men are less likely to travel during the holidays at all or will travel during off-peak times in an effort to reduce aggravation.

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