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Canadian airport leaders gather in Ottawa

Senior executives from more than two dozen airports across the country are in Ottawa today to meet with parliamentarians and highlight the important role airports play in Canada’s economy.

“Airports provide connections for passengers and cargo across Canada and around the world, resulting in greater global reach and increased business, export, tax revenues, tourism and job opportunities for Canada,” said Daniel-Robert Gooch, president of the Canadian Airports Council (CAC). “Canada’s airports are seeing tremendous growth in many parts of the country. Airports are answering this challenge by investing in the future, ensuring airport capacity is able to absorb demand in our regions while improving the experience for travelers.”

Canada’s air transport sector is dynamic and growing, contributing $35 billion in economic activity and $7 billion in federal taxes. Handling more than 133-million passengers a year, Canada’s airports have invested $22 billion in their infrastructure since 1992 without taxpayer support. This has enabled airports to modernize and expand to meet the strong growing demand for air travel in Canada and the world, creating jobs and better serving travellers in the process.

“Canada’s airports have been transformed over the last couple of decades into self-sufficient, modern, world-class facilities,” said Gooch. “Canada’s airports are strategic economic infrastructure assets that drive tourism and trade, providing people and businesses with effective and efficient connectivity to places across Canada and around the world. But we still have a lot of work to do to ensure Canadians better understand how their airports are operated today and their role in supporting economic growth, tourism and international trade.”

Unveiling Harmony in Motion

The CAC’s Airports on the Hill initiative coincides with the launch of a digital media campaign, called Harmony in Motion, which seeks to demystify the crucial role airports play in the economy and in the lives of Canadians.

The content for the campaign will be hosted in an online hub with statistics and factual content on Canada’s airports, their significant investments in infrastructure, contribution to the economy, and the commendable efforts by airports to promote the smooth flow of goods, services and people in Canada and around the globe. An online video brings to life the interconnectivity of Canada’s airports and the significant investments that have been made.

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