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Canadian tourist’s leg crushed by elephant in Thailand

Canadian tourist’s leg crushed by elephant in Thailand

A 38-year-old Canadian tourist was injured when her left leg was crushed by an elephant’s trunk after she fell off the pachyderm at an elephant camp near Nark Kerd Hill in Chalong.

The woman is being treated at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Wirawit Pakprom, the elephant’s mahout, told police that the female tourist and a male friend were riding on the back of an 16-year-old male elephant named “Plai Benz”.

An initial report said that the elephant was eating a pineapple at the side of the route, about about 80 metres from the elephant mounting point.

The Canadian woman was taking photos and not holding onto the chair when the elephant shook its body and she fell to the ground.

When she fell off, the elephant panicked and pushed on the tourist’s left leg with its trunk.

Chalong Police have visited the tourist in hospital.

The elephant camp says it will pay for the tourist’s medical fees.