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Car plows into pedestrians outside London’s National History Museum

Car plows into pedestrians outside London’s National History Museum

An incident involving a car has been reported outside London’s Natural History Museum. Local media says a car reportedly ploughed into pedestrians. One man has been arrested at the scene. Police say a number of people have been injured.

The incident occurred at 2:21pm local time, according to a statement by the Metropolitan Police. Despite the presence of armed officers and helicopters at the scene, police have said they are not treating the incident as terrorism-related at this point.

“There has been an incident with a vehicle mounting the pavement and hitting a pedestrian. It happened on Exhibition Road. Police are dealing with the incident,” said a spokesperson for the Natural History Museum, adding that while no-one was being allowed into the building, visitors were being let out through a side exit.

The UK’s official terrorist threat level has been set at ‘severe’ following several extremist attacks in London and Manchester this year.

London has already suffered three vehicle-ramming attacks this year. The first took place on March 22, when a radicalized British man ran over pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, then went on a stabbing spree outside Parliament, killing five people. In the second attack on June 3, three terrorists ran over pedestrians on London Bridge before attacking bars and restaurants in nearby Borough Market. Finally, the third attack took place on June 19, when a van was driven by a white British male into a crowd of worshipers outside Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one. In the first two cases, the attackers were killed by responding officers.