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Caribbean’s first travel guide is launched

Caribbean’s first travel guide is launched
  • Virgin Holidays has launched the Caribbean’s first travel guide through the power of social media conversation volumes
  • The Trending Travel Guide updates daily with the most talked about bars, restaurants, activities, beaches and carnivals across the Caribbean and Barbados
  • The Caribbean is one of the most popular holiday locations but with so much to do, Brits will now be able to see where the party is happening throughout their stay

Today Virgin Holidays launches the Caribbean Trending Travel Guide – The guide crowdsources recommendations from over 30 million social media posts to help social-savvy holidaymakers maximise their getaway.

Split across four categories which sum up the perfect holiday in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean – beaches, restaurants, activities and nightlife/carnivals – the cutting-edge platform highlights the best the islands have to offer, based on what’s happening right now.

With social media playing an increasingly vital role in our holiday choices, the Trending Travel Guide means you can pack away outdated guide books and see an up-to date dose of daily inspiration.

Partnering with leading travel writers and local experts, the guide features exclusive interviews and reviews packed with insider’s knowledge – no more generic advice and boring travel advice, just juicy secrets from those in the know.

The Trending Travel Guide now covers the whole of the Caribbean and a special Barbados section.

Joe Thompson, Managing Director at Virgin Holidays, commented:”Thousands of British holiday-makers have looked to The Trending Travel Guide for inspiration since it was first launched last year. The world is your playground and full of countless new experiences to be had – this innovative tool will help make that process of choosing what to do next a little bit easier.”

Virgin Holidays’ new digital platform harnesses the power of sophisticated social listening technology, Crimson Hexagon, to seamlessly analyse tens of thousands of social posts and deliver up-to-the-minute travel tips based on the most Instagram-worthy places.