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Category: Accessible Travel

Hospital patient or hotel guest? The best treatment option

eturbonews- June 6, 2021 0

Check in to any hotel (from a Holiday Inn Express to a Mandarin Oriental), and you will know instantly that you are important. - eTurboNews ... Read More

New York Emergency Rooms: Un-American, scandalous, and dangerous

eturbonews- May 13, 2021 0

“Do not get very sick in New York City… so sick that you require emergency care,” warns Dr. Elinor Garely. She suggests that “Hospitals look ... Read More

Tourism after COVID: A bitter-sweet reality revealed by WTN co-chair Dr. Taleb Rifai

Juergen T Steinmetz- April 2, 2021 0

Tourism business will not just go back to normal. Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary - General has a strong vision on how he sees ... Read More