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Chandigarh Conference: India needs tourism promotion

Chandigarh Conference: India needs tourism promotion

There is tremendous scope and need for tourism promotion in India, for which little has been done so far, but for this to happen at the ground level what is needed is creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

This was the clear message that came out at the two-day national conference on April 6 and 7 organized by Chandigarh University’s Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Academicians from several institutes highlighted that while the time was ripe for tourism to boom in the country, innovation and creativity was the key to achieve this.

Both at the inaugural and valedictory sessions, and in the technical ones, the points made included the fact that to take advantage of the young generation and economic growth, in the tourism and hospitality fields, as also in aviation, would be the deciding factors as to how innovation can be applied in the sectors.

Among the leaders who spoke were Sandeep Kulshetra, Director, IITTM, Gwalior; S P Bansal; Ashok Aima; and Deepak Raj Gupta who have spent long years in teaching tourism.

During the 6 technical sessions, 36 papers were presented, dealing with varied topics like culinary tourism, food safety, integrating spirituality with management, employment opportunities, and growth of the hotel industry.

The top brass of the university, including the vice chancellor and province chancellor, backed the event, saying that the subject was vital, and the event would continue annually.

A highlight of the well-organized meeting was the session during which academic leaders and practitioners of the trade – hotel GMs and teaching institutes heads – interacted and made the point for a regular greater need of a syllabus to be made more practical.