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Chaos at Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Airports

Chaos at Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Airports

Heavy snow paralyzes Istanbul airports and national carrier Turkish Airlines canceled more than 650 flights. Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.

It appears this usually great airline is clearly not equipped to handle an emergency situation.

Thousands of stranded passengers feel left alone by Turkish Airlines again.
The award winning 4-star airline with a mostly great reputation seems to be failing again. This time due to bad weather and snow storms in Istanbul

Hundreds of flights were canceled Sunday, but the Turkish Airlines was still selling tickets on the canceled flights.

Frustrated passengers were unable to get a hold of anyone at the airline to find a solution for their stranded status.

Here are some of the questions and comments posted to Twitter:
@TurkishAirlines- If you’ve had flights fly out today to Istanbul why haven’t you rebooked me? My flight was on 7/1/17 which got canceled.

@TurkishAirlines- Wish you the best. I talked to the hotel here and they said passengers are finding their own way home since TA is not doing anything.

@TurkishAirlines- It is being told that Turkish Airlines does not have a pilot to fly TK 720 today.

flight tk1857 to Madrid tomorrow was canceled. still no new flight. How to proceed?

Turkish Airlines Media relations was unavailable and silent during the current situation.
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