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Charles V Festival: Family day and fine cuisine at Coudenberg Palace

Charles V Festival: Family day and fine cuisine at Coudenberg Palace

Young and old alike will journey back to Renaissance times through a number of activities held at Coudenberg, the Brussels palace of Charles V.

On tap: themed games and workshops, historical buffet, guided tours, and introductory dance classes. It’s a great opportunity to go back in time with family and friends and step into the shoes of a crossbowman, a courtly lady, or a knight.


Historical buffet: visitors will have the chance to enjoy culinary delights between two activities thanks to sweet/savoury mixed platters inspired by Renaissance cuisine. A team of seasoned chefs will enable you to sample the recipes of that bygone era during a sumptuous buffet.


Crossbow archery: The Grand Serment Royal and Saint George Crossbow Guild of Brussels will acquaint older visitors with the proper handling of one of the Renaissance’s most dangerous weapons: the crossbow. While children will engage in a safer version of the same activity.

Cooking workshop: For those who enjoy cuisine, there’s nothing better than an introduction to the culinary arts of that time. They will have free rein to try their hand at making delicious concoctions that will carry you back through time and the pages of history.
Renaissance cuisine workshop at 11 AM and 3 PM. On-site registration.

Zythology (or beerology) workshop: heard of enology? Well, zythology is the same concept except with beer instead of wine. An opportunity to discover its history, composition, and varieties but also to taste it as is fitting.


Meet Ommegang’s characters | photo shoot:
Crossbowmen, halberdiers, and lords and ladies of the court will welcome young and old alike. Reproductions of period costumes and accessories will be available to them in order to immortalise the event.

Guided tours of the “Remigio Cantagallina, an Italian traveler to the Southern Netherlands” route

Guided tours will be conducted throughout the day.

French language tours will begin every hour on the hour while Dutch tours will start at half past each hour.

Guided tours in Spanish at 2 PM and 4 PM

Other guided tours in French: 18 June, 16 July, and 20 August at 2:30 PM Other guided tours in Dutch: 25 June, 25 July, and 27 August at 2:30 PM


Play as they did in Renaissance times: marbles, jacks…to improve your dexterity and skill

Become a court architect: what could be more original than completing your own palace model as it once existed or as it might have been? Participate in this workshop as a family to recreate the buildings comprising the Coudenberg Palace on a grand scale.


Interactive exploration of music and dance: the past buried in the cellars of Brussels comes alive through melodies, instruments, and dances from the time of Charles V! With the participation of the Capriool ensemble, De Houtblazers, and many musicians and dancers.


Date: Sunday, 21 May 2017 from 10 AM to 6 PM

Place: Coudenberg Palace – Old Palace of Brussels (beneath Place Royale) Entrance at
BELvue – Mont des Arts – Place des Palais 7, 1000 Brussels

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