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Chile 7.7 earthquake and tsunami warning now in the green

Chile 7.7 earthquake and tsunami warning now in the green

The Chile Quellon region became the target of a tsunami warning. People were ordered off the beaches to safe zones. This warning came after a strong  7.7 earthquake was recorded t 14.22 UTC time. The earthquake caused widespread damages but no injuries or fatalities are yet recorded.

The tsunami warning was lifted an hour later.

Close to the coastal areas of Lagos Chile, and located in the southern region of Chiloé Island, to the south of Lakes Huillinco, Cucao and the Compu Marshlands, the small District of Quellón owes its name to the firm known as Destilatorio Quellón, a distillery that was settled down in the area in the early 1900s.

Pioneer in the production of acetone, methyl alcohol and coal, it was the construction of its port and industrial plant that gave life to the community until it was recognized as a city in 1906.

Lying 86 kilometers away from neighboring Castro, Quellón features the singularity of standing at the very start of the Pan-American Highway, which joins the three Americas and goes across 11 countries, covering a total distance of 20,000 kilometers.

Some of the must visit attractions include the local waterfront, the River Market stalls, the ancient local churches or a motorboat ride around the various islands and channels that surround this city.

At Quellón, travelers get on board the ferries that cross to Chaitén and Puerto Aysén. The seafood gathered in this area arrives in the city port. Therefore, visitors may taste the best dishes at any of its restaurants or stalls.

The Amarillo hot springs are another favorite destination among tourists. Upon reaching Chaitén by ferry, and 62 kilometers away, there lies Lake Yelcho, where the famous hot springs are located.

Another tempting outing is driving to the Districts of Punta Lapa, Yaldad and seeing the gorgeous beach at the District of Chaiguao.


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