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China’s Largest Peach Blossom Field Drives Tourism Boom

China’s Largest Peach Blossom Field Drives Tourism Boom

GUIYANG, China, March 10, 2017 — Guian New Area, China’s state approved national-level new area in Guizhou, mid-Western China, is drawing tourists’ attention as pink flowers bloom in its new scenic area, currently the largest peach blossom field in China. Florescence peak this year is around the end of March.

As Guian’s best peach blossom viewing destination, the 12 km2 area (4.6 sq. miles) comprises over 600,000 trees with nearly twenty types of peach species. The variety of trees yield early and late bloomers that extend the scenic blossoming period to over a month, during which the park is engulfed in a sea of pink flowers until early April. A special garden dedicated to Sino-Japanese friendship can be found inside the park.

In addition to peach blossom, the area is also rich in scenery, culture and history. It is home to the pre-historical Niupodong Cave Site, one of the biggest archaeology findings in China, 2016, and Wanhua Monastery, a sacred Buddhist site in Guizhou. Visitors in the region are also captivated by the authentic culture of 17 different ethnic minority groups, including the Miao, Bouyi, Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Bai. A survey in 2016 estimated that over 800 sites in the area are of high tourism potential, including 2 national level-5 sites, 11 level-4 sites, 124 level-3 sites. 615 sites are newly discovered, and 16.7 percent of total number sites are rated choiceness.

Developments of a new theme park area are underway, with Fongde Theme Park and a science fiction theme park ready for business cooperation. Guian will continue to support and invest in existing projects, such as the Yunman Lake International Resort Area, a cultural heritage park featuring customs of Guizhou’s colorful ethnic groups, a modern grazing demonstration area, and a hot spring town.

These existing facilities will continue to be the pillars of tourism and define the qualities of services provided in the area. With target investment amounting to USD 145 million, the area is expected to have completed 100 projects by the end of the year.

“To improve travel experience, Guian cultivates new scenic driving routes among the beautiful Guizhou mountains,” Xiaorong Liu, the head of Guian Tourism & Cultural Industry Development Center said. “Also to introduce the enchanting local tourism resources as a new development engine to economy zone.”

In 2016, Guian New Area received nearly 3.8 million visitors, a 90% increase year by year and realized a USD 290 million turnover, an increase of 80% compared to the year before. Investment on new tourism spots amounted to USD 188 million, as the regional government committed to offer more variety of activities and experiences to visitors.

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