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Christmas crackers and party poppers top airlines’ ‘bah humbug’ list

Christmas crackers and party poppers top airlines’ ‘bah humbug’ list

Festive travelers hoping to add a little homespun cheer to their trip abroad this Christmas should think twice before packing Christmas crackers, according to new research from Airport Parking & Hotels (APH).

Far from being a case of simply popping the festive snappers into their hand luggage or suitcase, airports and airlines are imposing stringent rules on just how passengers can carry these Christmas party essentials with the likes of Ryanair, KLM and Air New Zealand all putting them on the ‘bah humbug’ banned list.

Even if the airline hasn’t pulled crackers from its flights, there are plenty of rules and regulations that need to be complied with before the bearers of cheap hats and bad jokes are cleared to board. The research reveals anyone attempting to travel without the festive accessories sealed in their original packaging will be forced to leave them behind. This also applies if the passenger has exceeded the carrier’s limit on how many can be taken – with many allowing no more than a single box of 12 crackers.

Passengers should also be careful when it comes to cracker-packing tips with US-based airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, as both carriers refuse to allow passengers to travel with crackers in checked or cabin luggage. EasyJet, on the other hand, will allow them in both checked or cabin luggage however, all major UK airports won’t permit them in carry-on bags, resulting in confiscation at the security desk.

Anyone heading abroad with Emirates this Christmas and hoping for cracker-packing success will need to be super-organized – while the airline is happy to take them in checked luggage, passengers are required to give at least three days’ notice that they intend to take them.

For those passengers who have confirmed their airline will carry their crackers, they still need to inform check-in staff that they are carrying their festive faves in their bags. Otherwise, failure to do so could create problems as their bags progress through the airport system resulting in delays or even failure to load!

Passengers with a penchant for posh crackers should also be wary when returning home as some high-quality gifts such as scissors and screwdrivers, may need to be packed in checked luggage (dependent on their size). There’s also a word for warning for craft fans following the craze of making their own crackers, as homemade versions of the festive faves are completely banned from the skies in both checked and hand luggage.

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