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Climate SmART Award goes to “The Science Express”

Climate SmART Award goes to “The Science Express”

The second year of SUNx Climate SmART Awards with LCD saw a huge increase in the number of museums and exhibitions around the world focusing on Climate Resilience Exhibits – not surprising given the sharp increase in extreme weather events.

Some have now become permanent facilities – so the range and quality is improving, making life harder, yet more rewarding for our judging panel from the SUNx Council. In the end, it came down to 3 incredible entries from different continents.

The Climate Museum from New York USA – whose vision that “an informed, confident and motivated public will advance Climate Action” could be a theme for this whole Award category – which reflects SUNx commitment to lifetime learning. It was a very close runner up.

The Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum China – is the first Museum dedicated to low carbon solutions, in the world’s most populous country. As such it’s influence over time will be massive – it was a little early this year, perhaps reflected in its theme of “Low carbon life is what people will surely choose in the future”

The Science Express India came out as the eventual winner – largely because of the innovative idea of taking the message to the people – particularly young people and in rural areas. All the judges commented on this unique feature as the differentiator, emphasising that innovation will be a key factor in the war on climate change.