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Cologne Tourist Board offering tours of European Astronaut Centre

Cologne Tourist Board offering tours of European Astronaut Centre

Through the Cologne Tourist Board, groups of visitors can now book exclusive tours of the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) on the grounds of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Cologne-Wahnheide. The tours are organized by Space Time Concepts GmbH. The service can be booked in either English or German and includes a presentation as well as a guided tour of the training centre. After the tour, visitors can ask questions regarding the work of the EAC, astronaut training and space travel in general. Tours are offered for closed groups of up to 25 participants. Larger groups can tour the facility on request. The Cologne Tourist Board is the exclusive marketing and sales partner for this offer and thus the organization that interested groups should contact.

“We’re proud of this new partnership,” says Josef Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of the Cologne Tourist Board. “The congress unit of our company has had close relations with the EAC for many years. We are therefore delighted that this innovative service enables us to provide such a special experience to non-business-related closed groups whom we also offer many new guided tours of the city that we added to our programme for 2017.”

“I love telling visitors about space travel and the work done at the EAC. It all began with the idea to make this unusual location available for conferences and events,” says Laura Winterling, CEO of Space Time Concepts GmbH. “This expanded partnership now enables us to provide exciting insights into the centre to a broader audience.”

Offer strengthens Cologne as a center of science

The new tours emphasise Cologne’s importance as a center of science. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the EAC provide Cologne with great expertise in the aerospace sector. One of the focal points of the destination marketing activities in the MICE sector is precisely to emphasize these strengths. In doing so, the Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) is linking its activities with the key industry sectors strategy of the German Convention Bureau (GCB). In the past, Cologne was at the centre of the international aerospace sector during the 26th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers (ASE), which was held in 2013. The cooperation between the CCB and the EAC began with the marketing activities that were conducted because the Cologne Science Forum’s focal topic in 2013 was “aviation and space travel”.

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