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Comprehensive look into trends of the youth travel market

Comprehensive look into trends of the youth travel market

New Horizons IV: A global study of the youth and student traveler provides unparalleled market insights into the youth travel market, which WYSE Travel Confederation and UNWTO have estimated to account for 23% of international arrivals.

New Horizons is the only recurring global survey of the youth, student and educational travel market. Conducted every five years since 2002, the Survey attracted more than 57,000 responses from 188 countries and territories between June and November 2017.

New market insights

New Horizons IV introduced new topics into the Survey, including what makes millennial and gen Z travelers feel happy. The Survey dug deeper into youth travel spending, including which experiences travelers found most splurge-worthy. Online Travel Agents and the sharing economy were also examined in more detail than in the past, given their growing importance in the youth travel market.

“This fourth report in the New Horizons series reflects not only the growing number of young travelers traversing the globe and their increasing contributions to local economies, but also the youth travel industry’s incredible ability to adapt to the evolving demands of youth,” said David Chapman, Director General, WYSE Travel Confederation.

Key changes revealed

With New Horizons IV, WYSE Travel Confederation brings to light developments in the youth and student travel market since the 2012 report. Most notably, the Survey uncovered:

• Growing information intensity, with a wider range of sources and booking channels

• Accelerated growth within the sharing economy

• Increased travel spending and the top ‘splurges’ for young travelers

  • A major jump in desire to live like a local, the motivations and influences fueling this desire

The rise of digital nomadism

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