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Contemporary art takes center stage in Brussels in September

Contemporary art takes center stage in Brussels in September

From 6 through 9 September, contemporary art takes center stage in Brussels with several events. From the now indispensable Brussels Gallery Weekend to Art on Paper as well as the first edition of “A Performance Affair,” the art season kicks off by giving top billing to all forms of artistic expression.

Brussels has become a contemporary art hub. The capital is fertile ground for creativity and exploration. Art spaces abound throughout the capital and draw international artists. For their part, collectors from all over the world regularly travel to Brussels to find just the right work or piece.

Many players work to promote contemporary art: WIELS, BOZAR, MIMA, the Center for Contemporary Art, the CAB Foundation, Villa Empain, not to mention Kanal – Centre Pompidou. With art museums and centres, galleries, artist collectives, fairs, and other events, Brussels is literally giving contemporary art top billing.

Here’s a glimpse at the contemporary art weekend’s main events.

ART ON PAPER (6-9 September 2018)

From its inception Art On Paper has sought to convey the variety and diversity of contemporary design methods – their inventiveness and relevance. In order to accomplish this, the fair offers different audiences, amateur and professional alike, the chance to explore this bounty through solo artist shows. It is THE overarching theme of the fair and its uniqueness has come back every year with a vengeance since 2015: one booth, one gallery, one artist. This way, over a five-day period, 50 Belgian and international galleries take over BOZAR’s exhibition space right in the heart of Brussels to offer 50 SOLO SHOWS (twice as many as in prior editions) by established and emerging artists: the best of contemporary design. Emboldened by the success of its last three editions, Art On Paper is setting up shop this year in the prestigious “Ravenstein Circuit” once again in conjunction with BOZAR and adding new side projects in order to display the most current creative endeavours and the most experimental practices on the topic of design. As soon as visitors walk in, they will be greeted with originality by the Project Space division which is like a gallery with its signage but in a museum. Six projects will be selected by curator and artistic director Marie Cantos.

Place: BOZAR

Brussels Gallery Weekend (6-9 September 2018)

This coming 6-9 September, Brussels Gallery Weekend will hold its 11th edition in the European capital. The main event of Brussels’ contemporary art season, it now brings together forty galleries and more than ten institutions and artist spaces. Over the course of the weekend they will open their doors to the public – curiosity seekers, amateurs, collectors, and professionals – so that they can explore the eclectic richness of Brussels’ galleries. New this year there is a section dedicated to young artists in the Vanderborght space, which will also act as a meeting point throughout the event.

Place: Vanderborght space

A Performance Affair (7-9 September 2018)

A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR (APA) is pleased to introduce a new initiative and platform for performance art. Set up as a non-for-profit organisation, APA is an evolving structure that brings together artists, galleries, collectors and institutions to research and discuss current tendencies in performance art and the economic structures around it. A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR is not another art fair, but a flexible stage aimed at stimulating the acquisition of performance while finding solutions for its development and sustainability.

Place: Vanderborght space