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The core human values across all cultures underpin harmony and peace

The core human values across all cultures underpin harmony and peace

eTN reader Birgit Trauer is the founding director of The Cultural Angle which was born out of her desire to continue to share her passion for human interaction and connection and her insights into travel and tourism, drawing on her extensive experience spanning more than 20 years in industry and academia.

The Cultural Angle is a boutique consultancy that promotes increased understanding, appreciation, and welcome of diversity among all travelers as well as travel, tourism, hospitality,  and events professionals to inspire.

She told eTN: We are all finding ourselves in a global environment where growing misunderstanding, anxiety and fear are ever more evident. Discrimination, persecution, and criminal attacks are undermining our sense of joy, happiness, and peace, during our travels and at home.

I have only just recently returned from my travels to the United Arab Emirates, the World Travel Market in London, and my original homes of Bremen and Hamburg in Germany, relishing the joy of feeling connected with like-minded and like-hearted people.

The recent bombing at the Christmas Market in Berlin shook me deeply – remembering the times I spent there when living and working in Berlin as an academic in the domain of tourism.

Despite all the negativity, upheavals, and terror I am witnessing through all kinds of media, I constantly remind myself to remain focused on the core human values we share across all cultures that underpin harmony and peace.

There is no more urgent time than now to encourage tolerance, respect and welcome of diversity in our ever more interconnected world of multi-cultural societies.

I am now even more committed to fostering cultural fitness and peace through seminars and workshops as an active charter member of the IIPT’s and Skal International’s global campaign ‘Travel for Peace’ promoting the idea that every traveler is potentially an ambassador for peace.

Greetings from Sydney to everyone around the world, wishing a most joyous and safe festive season and a peaceful 2017.

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