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Majority of Canadians support home sharing

Majority of Canadians support home sharing

A large majority of Canadians support home sharing and easy-to-follow regulations for hosts.

An overwhelming percentage of Canadian travelers also say they had a positive experience with Airbnb.

A national survey conducted by CICIC Research and Communications on behalf of Airbnb found that 67 percent of Canadians support allowing local residents to home share with travelers. Other key highlights from the polling study include:

• Canadian travelers have positive experiences with Airbnb. Of those who had used Airbnb while traveling, 86 percent enjoyed their experience.

• Canadians want sensible home sharing regulations. About two-thirds of Canadians (65 percent) believe straightforward, easy-to-follow rules are the best way forward for home sharing.

• Canadian millennials love home sharing the most. 79 percent of Canadians surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24 support home sharing.

• Canadians believe Airbnb has a good or neutral impact on their community. 77 percent of Canadians surveyed believe Airbnb has no negative impact on their city, town or region.

“With more than 55,000 hosts across the country and roughly 1.1 million Canadians having booked a trip on Airbnb to date, it’s clear Canadians are embracing home sharing,” said Airbnb Canada Public Policy Manager Alex Dagg. “Cities around the world are enacting fair, easy-to-follow rules for home sharing. We are committed to working personally with each Canadian city to find the right policy solutions for their community.”

In addition to the national poll, CICIC conducted five city-specific surveys in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa on behalf of Airbnb.

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