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Deadly Plane crash on North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

Deadly Plane crash on North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

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Deadly Plane crash on North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

A plane crash is being reported from Dillingham airfield on the North Shor of Oahu, Hawaii. Local media reports one person is so far confirmed dead

Honolulu Police and Honolulu Fire are responding in full force including Hazardous Materials Vehicles were observed racing to the scene. Such vehicles are utilized by Fire Departments to respond to calls involving potentially hazardous materials.

Dillingham Airfield is a public and military use airport located two nautical miles west of the central business district of Mokulēʻia, in Honolulu County on the North Shore of Oʻahu in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

The airport is used for Skydiving tours with tourists. In June 2019 11 people died in a crash on an overloaded aircraft.

Local tweets say: Every cop & fire truck on the north shore is racing out there .

Earlier this month the Hawauu State Department of Transportation plans to stop operating the Dillingham Airfield and will transfer control of the North Shore property back to the U.S. Army, state officials said late Thursday afternoon.

In a press release, the state said that continuing to run the airfield in Mokuleia ― which currently houses commercial operators that provide glider rid

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