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Delhi Metro rapid transit system launches free Wi-Fi

Delhi Metro rapid transit system launches free Wi-Fi

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Free Wi-Fi launched on Delhi Metro underground transport system

Delhi Metro rapid transit system launches free Wi-Fi

Delhi Metro is a sprawling urban transportation system spanning 202 miles (325 kilometers), and linking the Indian capital to its satellite towns. The sheer size of the transport network, used by almost three million commuters every day, sets it firmly among the largest metro systems in the world, including those in London, Shanghai, Beijing, and New York.

And now, Indian capital city’s underground metro system has also joined the ranks of metro systems offering free Wi-Fi to its passengers.

Free high-speed Wi-Fi has been launched on on just one line so far, the link from the city’s commercial district to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Wi-Fi service, the first of its kind in south Asia, was launched on Thursday by Delhi Metro Managing Director Mangu Singh. Russian firm MaximaTelecom, that have built similar Wi-Fi systems for both the Moscow and St Petersburg metros, was the project’s primary contractor and technology provider, although the internet facilities themselves were built by a number of Indian companies.

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