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Delray Beach is the most expensive destination in Florida, according to survey

Delray Beach is the most expensive destination in Florida, according to survey

Delray Beach, with its white sandy beaches flanking the Atlantic Ocean, has revealed itself to be the most expensive destination in Florida. That is the takeaway of the latest survey by

In compiling the rankings, the survey focused on the hotel rates of 30 popular Floridian destinations, with the months of February and March 2018 serving as its reference point. The survey selected this timeframe because it represents the months during which most beach destinations in the Sunshine State reach their highest demand.

To stay overnight in Delray Beach, a guest can expect to pay an average of $324 this late winter. And that price tag is for the destination’s most affordable double room. considered only hotels that were rated at least 3 stars and were located close to the beach/city center. Taking the number two and three spots on the survey are Sanibel and Fort Myers Beach. Both locales are averaging a nightly rate of slightly more than $300 this February and March.

Key West took the top spot on the same survey two years ago. This year, however, it has slipped to a fourth-place finish at $284 per night. Diane Muller, spokesperson for, explains, “The most likely precipitator of this slip in the rankings is Hurricane Irma. The aftermath has made Key West and Key Largo 20% to 25% more affordable than they were last year.”

Another takeaway is Panama City Beach’s placement as the state’s least expensive destination. Compared to two years ago, when visitors had to spend an average of $146 to stay overnight there, this year they can secure the same room for $107 nightly.

The following table lists the 10 most expensive destinations in Florida. The rates indicated reflect the average price tag for the cheapest available double room (minimum 3-star hotel) at each locale for the time period spanning February 1 through March 31, 2018.

1. Delray Beach $324
2. Sanibel $303
3. Fort Myers Beach $302
4. Key West $284
5. Downtown Miami $254
6. Sarasota $253
7. Boca Raton $246
8. Pompano Beach $229
9. Key Largo $224
10. Islamorada $224

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