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Destination Philippines: Assortment of the Best

Destination Philippines: Assortment of the Best

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The Philippines has long been a desirable destination for both youth and senior travelers in Japan. With the diverse marine and wild life, the indigenous culture and opportunities for language studies, the travel offerings of the Philippines are as diverse as the many islands of the country: from nature based tourism, culture and heritage, cuisine, sun and beach holidays, entertainment, education and study English programs, to health and wellness, shopping and food. With new destinations such as Bohol Island being introduced to the market it is no surprise that the Philippines’ popularity has been growing and the prospects are for 600,000 Japanese tourists in the immediate future. Yet, Mr. Ambassador’s personal recommendation is a visit to Batangas, his home province. Richly endowed with natural resources such as mountains, farms, beaches, and diving spots it also hosts the famed Taal Volcano, one of the smallest volcanoes in the world. The province is home to heritage churches from the Spanish period among which are some of the oldest churches in the Southern Tagalog region.

The Department of Tourism’s Joshi Tabi program and Kirei ni Nareru sub-campaign are meant to attract women travelers for health and wellness treatments, fun shopping, and delectable food and gastronomy experiences. The Department also works to build the image of the Philipines as a retirement heaven. More than 3,430 Japanese were issued Special Resident Retirees Visas (SRRV) in 2017 only.
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With something for everybody – from cultural experience hunters to adventurers, food-lovers and gourmands, the Philippines is there to offer an assortment of the best and even more.

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