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Did you hear the Hong Kong people sing? Stand for Freedom!

Did you hear the Hong Kong people sing? Stand for Freedom!

Did you hear the Hong Kong people sing? Stand for Freedom!

Praise should go to the Hong Kong election workers and civil servants who conducted a free and fair election in exceptionally difficult circumstances.
Nearly six months of unrest has gripped almost every sector in Hong Kong, impacting on local workers’ livelihood.  The difficult situation that tourism practitioners are facing is obvious and it will take a lot of effort to get the Hong Kong Travel and Tourism Industry back on its feet.
The basics for this were handed to the Hong Kong City Government on Sunday.
In a thundering rebuke to the city’s government, Hongkongers – or 71.2 percent of voters – turned out in record numbers for the city’s district council elections on Sunday to deliver a seismic victory for the pro-democracy bloc.  The Chinese FM says Hong Kong is part of China ‘no matter what happens’ in elections, making clear the election has little influence and is more meant to be symbolic.
The election result is a clear message that people in Hong Kong want a better manifestation of their democracy.
Hong Kong voters deliver a landslide victory for pro-democracy campaigners

The democrats won majorities in at least 17 of the 18 district councils, as they pummeled their pro-Beijing rivals, who lost more than 250 seats from 2015.

The citywide elections were regarded as a de facto referendum on the city’s protests, which have rocked the city since June, as well as the government’s response. Here are the six key takeaways from the polls:

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy bloc has swept up almost 80 percent of the 452 seats up for grabs in Sunday’s district council elections.

Riding on the anti-establishment momentum built up by over nearly six months of unrest, democrats scored victories, not only in their usual strongholds but also the so-called “deep red” constituencies, which for years have been dominated by the Beijing-friendly camp.

Did you hear Hong Kong sing? Stand for Freedom!

Summarizing the feeling is tweeted by a travel professional: Amazing! I hope this is a step in the right direction for the people of Hong Kong. Please don’t abandon Hong Kong people’s expectations! Don’t make HK people disappointed! I hope Hong Kong has a beautiful future! Stand for Freedom! breaking news | eTurboNews |