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Digital Museum: Tencent and National Museum of Brazil

Digital Museum: Tencent and National Museum of Brazil

The signing ceremony for the “Rebirth of Luzia – The Digital National Museum of Brazil” was held at the Brazilian embassy in Beijing on November 16, 2018 (local time). Marcelo Azevedo, head of the Creative Industries Section of the embassy, Alexander W. A. Kellner, director of National Museum of Brazil, and Ye Jun, vice president of Chinese internet company Tencent’s mobile browsing products, took part in the ceremony.

Tencent has taken part in the restoration of the fire-damaged National Museum of Brazil by reproducing artifacts based on digital information.

Based on the museum’s existing digital content, Tencent will build an online museum through its QQ web browser’s image recognition feature. Visitors can use the feature or Tencent’s program, specifically designed for museums, to scan existing photos or other content in order to get convenient access to an archive of digital versions of the artifacts. They can also access digitally-created voice-based guides and images of items previously displayed in Brazil’s National Museum via the program.

Moreover, Tencent and the museum will jointly invite Chinese tourists who had visited the National Museum of Brazil to upload pictures or video clips that they took while inside the museum, including both images and documents, in a move to help restore the cultural relics that were lost. Tencent will make the valuable content available for public viewing at some time in the future.

Mr. Ye said: “The National Museum of Brazil is the most important protector of cultural heritage and of relics in Latin America. We are in deep mourning as a result of the losses caused by the fire. Tencentis committed to using advanced technologies to help Brazil rebuild the national museum and we will do everything in our power to do so.”

Mr. Kellner noted: “We are trying everything to minimize the losses and Tencent’s participation in helping us locate more digital records is something very meaningful to us.”