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Disabled group stuck on plane at Manchester Airport

Disabled group stuck on plane at Manchester Airport

Six disabled passengers were left on board a plane at Manchester Airport for an hour and a half waiting for help to arrive so they could disembark. OmniServ is the new special assistance company serving this airport for those that have mobility issues.

The Jet2 flight 766 (June 3) landed at 4:00 pm from Madeira, but OmniServ did not arrive until around 5:30 pm to provide help. Because the cabin crew had to stay with the 6 passengers until they were able to get off the aircraft, the flight scheduled after this one was delayed, because those passengers on the next flight could not be boarded.

According to Emma Giddings who was traveling with her partner and disabled daughter, along with 5 elderly people who had also requested special assistance, the communication between the driver of the vehicle and OmniServ was “terrible.” Ms Giddings said, “I am truly disgusted with the delay and how we were treated.”

At first, only 2 of the 6 people were taken on the vehicle. The remaining people were picked up but left in an area with an elevator where a staff member found them and took them to passport control.

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A spokesperson for OmniServ said, “We apologized to the customer and are actively reviewing the situation to improve our processes and service.”

A Manchester Airport spokesman said, “We are currently investigating exactly what happened in this situation as a matter of urgency, with both the airline and our new special assistance provider, OmniServ.”