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Dream Cruises presents first-ever Matcha theme cruise on World Dream

Dream Cruises presents first-ever Matcha theme cruise on World Dream

Dream Cruises collaborates with Nakamura Tokichi Honten, one of Japan’s finest and well-respected tea house, bringing the traditional art of tea appreciation on-board World Dream. From 29 April to 14 June, guests of 2-night and 5-night cruises will enjoy an authentic experience of the Japanese and Okinawan culture from shore to ship, comprising of local delicacies, Kimono masterclass, Awamori tasting, meet-and-greet with Okinawan celebrity illustrator and more.

World’s First-ever Matcha theme cruise in collaboration with century-old Japanese tea house

Nakamura Tokichi Honten is the renowned Japanese tea house hailing from Kyoto and has taken over Asia with a Matcha craze upon the launch of its first overseas café in Hong Kong. Dream Cruises is excited to collaborate with the famous Japanese tea house to curate a series of limited-edition Matcha delicacies including cream puff, cream roll and cheesecake, available exclusively on World Dream as part of the Dream Cruises x Nakamara Tokichi Honten Matcha tea set, to be served with a selection of the brand’s steeped Matcha or Matcha latte.

Matcha connoisseurs-to-be may learn from the experts of Nakamura Tokichi Honten in a series of workshops, where guests will learn about the culture and history of Matcha, as well as the etiquettes and steps of Japanese tea tasting. Guests will also be invited to Tea Kabuki, a traditional tea quiz game where participants will meet the challenge of blind tasting and differentiating five types of Japanese tea based on their colour, fragrance and taste.

Locally produced Okinawan Delicacies on board World Dream

While enjoying the cruise at sea, guests will have the chance to experience a great variety of locally produced Okinawan delicacies on-board World Dream, including the world-famous non-export Okinawa Wagyu beef, Okinawa Agu pork, seasonal fruits and vegetables. The exquisite meats will be served in different cuisines at specialty dining outlets, such as Japanese Shabu-Shabu (hot pot) and Teppanyaki (iron-plate grilling), roasted Okinawa Prime Ribs in Western style; Chinese food lovers will be thrilled with the exciting combination of Chinese traditional dishes with an Okinawan flair, such as BBQ Okinawa Agu Pork, wok-fried Okinawa Wagyu beef with bitter gourd and garlic, as well as wok-grilled Okinawa Wagyu rib eye served with preserved sweet plum sauce.

The perfect drink to accompany an Okinawan meal would be Awamori, one of the oldest distilled spirits in Japan that is indigenous and unique to Okinawa. Guests will learn to appreciate the ancient drink that dates back to the Ryukyu era with experts from Chuko Awamori Distillery, best known for their invention of Chuko Original Kiln Fired Pottery, a patented pottery for the preservation and maturation of Awamori.

The Multifaceted Charms of Japan

Yukino Ikeshiro – best known as Pokke104 – will make her cruise debut on World Dream, where she will share her experience as one of the most sought-after illustrators from Okinawa. Ms. Ikeshiro has held exhibitions and workshops in different cities, such as Hong Kong, Milan, and Taiwan. Her original works were derived from the nature and culture of her homeland, Okinawa. Located far south of the Japanese mainland, Okinawa boasts unique traditions and habits, which have strongly influenced her original style, which mixes natural motifs with a dreamy touch.

Also known as the Okinawan Benjo, Sanshin is a traditional three-stringed music instrument that defines the region’s music – it is said that every Okinawan household owns one. Guests of World Dream will enjoy a complimentary Sanshin concert on-board, featuring the best of Okinawan folk songs.

Guests will be fully emerged in the Japanese culture as they learn about the intricate expertise of professionals in Kimono wearing, Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement and Shodo Japanese calligraphy. They will also be invited to explore the vast universe of Japanese arts and crafts through a series of interactive workshops on Japanese paper doll making, Kumihimo braids, Mizuhiki cord knotting and more.