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Dresden: City of Music sings praises for new Semper 2

Dresden: City of Music sings praises for new Semper 2

Dresden, the capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, is a true pleasure for the emotions and intellect alike. It is a city that offers an ideal day and evening programs for every taste and mood with 50 museums, 60 galleries, and 36 theatres and stages. But wait… there’s more to come!

The first of the new stages has been opened in October 16, 2016. Semper 2, attached to the prestigious Semperoper, takes an audience of up to 200 on a voyage of discovery into an alternate world of music theatre. Semper 2 is a spacious room, shaped like a cube, which has everything that a theatre needs while dispensing with the classical proscenium arch. Instead of a cavernous orchestral pit separating those on the stage from those in front of it, singers, musicians and audience share the same space, and indeed the same floorboards, thereby placing all participants in the same theatrical world.

Dresden has earned a world reputation as a city of music, with traditions stretching back over 800 years. Famous musicians lived or performed in Dresden like Bach, Mozart, Weber, Wagner, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff or Richard Strauss. The Semper Opera House, the Staatskapelle orchestra, the Dresden Philharmonic and the Kreuzchor choir are ample testimony.

Attractive festivals, exciting theatre and dance productions, and a series of top events are occasions for a visit to the city whatever the season!

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