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Driving tourism at an unprecedented pace across the GCC region

Driving tourism at an unprecedented pace across the GCC region

Growth of entertainment parks and amusement attractions is driving tourism at an unprecedented pace across the GCC region. Al Hokair Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading and most established names in the hospitality and entertainment sector, unveiled today at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) its latest developments and expansion plans in the sector.

Mr. Sami Al Hokair, Managing Director of Al Hokair Group, said, “Having played a pivotal role in the development of family entertainment centres in Saudi Arabia, we are well placed to take advantage of the massive opportunities opening up in the sector. Growth of tourism in the region is generating greater demand for such destinations. At Al Hokair we offer a unique mix of themed attractions and experiences and will soon be expanding out footprint in the region with the addition of new locations.”

Mr. Omar Samara, CEO of Al Hokair Group, said, “We have come a long way to realise our ambition of becoming a leading name in the amusement industry in the last five decades. Today, our entertainment division offers unlimited attractions for families taking into account varied interests of the diverse age groups. To start with we were the first provider of safe entertainment in Saudi Arabia and now have a portfolio of 80 plus amusement centres spread across the Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.”

Capitalising on the growing demand for family entertainment in the region, Al Hokair Group has been engaged in aggressive expansion. Eight new entertainment centres were added over the past 12 months in Saudi Arabia with an additional six new locations planned for opening this year. Along with the continued expansion of activities across KSA and the UAE, the group is also eager to tap into the emerging opportunities in various other parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

Elaborating on the group’s commitment to ensuring quality and value at every step, Mr. Mishal Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair, Deputy CEO & General Manager of Al Hokair Entertainment Division, stated, “We remain faithful to our core objective of providing well-certified quality service to our customers. Mr father Sheikh Abdulmohsin Al Hokair always said our goal was simply ‘to bring smiles’ and that remains until today integral to our philosophy while dealing with our staff and customers. Our upcoming projects will offer many new exciting games and experiences for players. In addition to entertainment they have also been chosen and developed to provide ‘edutainment’ value to users