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Eco-tourism thrust at India hotel

Eco-tourism thrust at India hotel

Eco-tourism, local community involvement, nature concern, adventure activity – these are some of the buzz words these days in the tourism and hospitality world, and India is stepping up to the demand.

One such example is the Aamod Resort Shoghi near the famous Shimla – the summer capital during the British Raj – which seeks to implement all of these buzz words and then some, in order to provide an ideal eco-tourism experience for guests while at the same time boosting the local economy and providing job opportunities.

Great efforts have been made at the resort not to disturb the ecology and surroundings, with pine and oak trees also acting as an educational tool for the many school students who visit the area.

General Manager Harish Sharma, who hails from the area in Himachal Pradesh and has spent many years in the cruise lines industry, is back home, as it were, and revealed that many of the staff members working at the resort were actually involved during the building of the eco-friendly property consisting of 20 cottages and moved on to these staff positions after receiving proper training.

Sharma says that corporates are using the resort’s ambience and facilities for team-building activities and conferences, and several schools regularly send groups to learn about nature – a unique selling point for the resort. FITs (Free Independent Travelers) come to the resort to find peace and calm in an environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

General Manager Harish SharmaGeneral Manager Harish Sharma

The resort is also doing much to boost cultural aspects of the area through local Himachal cuisine, which by itself is an important regional feature. The resort has also taken it upon itself to selling fruit-based products from the area made by the local people, which add to the authentic experience of the guests as well.

Hopefully, more and more hotels will be following the Earth-friendly approach to hospitality as demonstrated by this forward-thinking resort.