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Edelweiss Air allows passengers to offset their CO2 emissions every time they fly

Edelweiss Air allows passengers to offset their CO2 emissions every time they fly

Lufthansa Group member Edelweiss has partnered with Datalex and myclimate to allow guests to offset their carbon emissions every time they fly.

Enabled by Datalex, Edelweiss has collaborated with Swiss non-profit organisation myclimate to provide guests with the option to offset CO2 emissions as an integrated part of the flight booking process. When guests book their flight at, the Datalex Platform enables the myclimate integration to calculate the CO2 emissions arising from the flight and the amount required for CO2 compensation.

Guests can contribute that amount voluntarily with one simple click. The CO2 offset contribution is subsequently paid together with the airfare during the payment process. The contributions are used to support projects that reduce CO2 emissions. All offset payments and donations made to myclimate are tax deductible in Switzerland.

Bernd Bauer, CEO of Edelweiss: “We do a great deal to minimise the environmental impact of our activities. For instance, Edelweiss fully compensates for CO2 emissions caused by our own staff’s business travel. The aim of our latest innovation is to promote passenger awareness about this highly relevant topic as well, and to make CO2 compensation as simple as possible.”

Stephen Neff, CEO of myclimate: “The fact that Edelweiss is the first airline to implement a compensation option for CO2 emissions in the actual booking process is a breakthrough for more effective climate protection worldwide. The many interested and sensitised passengers now have an easy way to assume responsibility for their CO2 emissions.”

Datalex Chief Innovation Officer Alan Dunne said: “We are delighted that we can enable an innovative customer such as Edelweiss to allow carbon offset in the booking process. This delivery demonstrates that today, airline retailers are not restricted by systems or processes. The right digital commerce platform allows airlines like Edelweiss to use technology to innovate to add value to their brand, while proactively addressing the demands of an ever-changing market.”