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Egypt – Rome: Winning tourism strategies

Egypt – Rome: Winning tourism strategies

Ten travel agencies received awards at the end of an Egypt-based competition, organized by Fiavet (the Italian Federation of Travel Agents) with Egyptian Tourism as part of the Pyramid Project. There were about 1,000 travel agents involved of which 10 were selected for their skill in setting up shop windows on the subject of Egypt in this Egypt – Rome tourism event.

These were Clio Viaggi (Lombardy), Tropical Spirit (Liguria), Tour Magazine by Almanacco (Lazio), Spada Viaggi (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Grato Viaggi (Umbria), Carraresi Tour (Veneto), Gialtour (Lazio), International Travel Tour Operator (Sardinia), Avendrace Viaggi (Sardinia), and Gremi Viaggi (Sardinia).

“Each of them, now can enjoy a trip-prize in the Land of the Pharaohs,” reminded Ivana Jelinic, Vice President of Fiavet, in the front row with President Jacopo De Ria in the operation to relaunch Egypt, which started last August with a trip to Cairo to meet the then Minister of Tourism.

“The work we did was good for Egypt, but also for travel agencies. Many have begun to sell a destination that they no longer market. But this is only the beginning of the recovery,” commented De Ria during the award ceremony at the Egyptian Embassy in Rome.

Hosting the event was the ambassador, Hisham Badr, whose mandate also includes the support of tourist relations between Egypt – Rome. “In 2017, we have totalled 250,000 arrivals from Italy, double that of 2016. The goal for this year is more ambitious: we want to host 400,000 Italians, and slowly get closer to the million visitors recorded 7 years ago,” said ambassador Badr.

Emad Abdalla, Director of the Egyptian Tourism Board in Italy, also underlined the value of new market segments, such as religious tourism. “On June 15, let it be known there will be the first pilgrimage on the footsteps of the Holy Family, led by the Bishop of Viterbo Lino Fumagalli,” Abdalla said.

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