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Egyptian Wounds impend on Italy: Rome emergencies damaging tourism

Egyptian Wounds impend on Italy: Rome emergencies damaging tourism

The shortage of water supply which Rome and its province are experiencing, the daily escalation of arson that destroys thousands of hectares of woods from Rome to Calabria and the major islands: Sicily and Sardinia, are now known world news.

What in the eyes of the world could be thought to be a natural calamity, hides man’s hands. This situation seems to reflect exactly God’s punishment that plagued Egypt because of the captivity of the Israelites, as described in the Bible.

Four out of the Ten Egyptian Wounds face facts to come close to the Italian reality:

Going through the description of each of the Ten Wounds, it is believed that four of them are matching with what has been happening in Italy for some time.

Plague number two: Invasion of frogs by water

This punishment imposed on Egypt reflects the human invasion of thousands of migrants that from African countries look for shelter in Italy, as a first landing point, in search of the solution to their survival by venturing on crumbling navigation means paying a price at times higher than the intrinsic price: Life! Behind this exodus, there is a business run by unscrupulous people both at the origin and at the landing.

Plague number one: Blood – as a symbol of fire and heat

“The waters of the Nile River became red blood, unfit, the world warms up creating famine and death of humans and animals. Blood, the symbol of fire and heat, world drought.

Italy lives at present a dramatic moment due to the scarcity of water that penalizes the agriculture and the survival of animals. To date, twelve Italian regions (out of 21) have declared to the central government a state of national emergency. Citizens of Rome and its province are asked to undergo restrictive measures of water supply at a turn.

Natural disaster? It may be, in part! For the rest, it is due to a bad management of public the affairs by the rulers of the Rome city and of its headquarters, the region. In legal terms, they should: “Manage the public affairs as a father would manage his family budget.” It is well known that in Rome over 44 percent of precious water is dispersed in its path from source to consumer areas. The cause being: Pipes reduced to tubes due to lack of maintenance.

Rome is known for the carelessness of its city mayors who have ruled the city over the years. They have never paid attention to the water leakage at various points of the city streets, not to mention the occult losses absorbed by the ground along the underground pipeline routes.

The water emergency impending on Rome city and its provinces will include public services such as hospitals and hotels with the consequent damage to health and tourism. The ordinance of limiting consumption has led to the closure of hundreds of Rome streets public drinking water fountains, historically known as “nasoni” (big noses, due to the shape of their water flow pipe) and public fountains, masterpieces wanted by early days’ popes. In keeping with the authority provisions, the Vatican also closed its fountains in St. Peter’s Square and in the interior of the citadel.

Rome city authorities, called by the Mayor Ms. Raggi (thumbs down by the citizens also for her serious impeachments) to discuss solutions, attribute responsibilities to the past rulers and seek solutions from ACEA, (the Rome company in charge of water and electricity supply) whose management disagree with the drastic decision of water rationing, despite the Lake of Bracciano (the water supplier) keeps drying up.

Plague number seven: Rain of fire and ice

The climate, especially from the center to southern Italy remains hot from sunrise to sunset, destroys crops of all kinds, leading to a climate of famine and awe to the import of agricultural products, resulting in higher prices (already rising), burning thousands of hectares of woods, again, by the hand of man.

The severe droughts promote crime seekers of grounds for new buildings, as widely reported by daily chronicles. While we accept events that can be attributed to nature, we observe the phenomena that occur in the summer: northern Italy and in some seashore areas are hit by hailstones recalling the winter snowfall. No, it is not bizarre nature. Again, it is the hand of the man who has abused over time and refuses to act to save the future.

We cannot miss Plague number four: wild beasts

Under this heading it is emphasized: Terrorism, fundamentalism, factors that have developed from specific geographic areas of the globe with the goal of conquering and subjugating the world to new regimes and lifestyles. Mafia (included in the number 4 Plague), bullying, and shaming on the weakness of the human being, widespread in the world, it lives also with us in Italy. It has always been, and without any doubt, involves a large part of politicians placed on the armchair by ourselves. The list of public mischiefs which often include the public rulers are presented daily by the media, an info-service like the weather forecast or horoscope directory!

Source of some Bible quotes are from: La Cabala