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Electric Cars in Seychelles: Sooner than later

Electric Cars in Seychelles: Sooner than later

Seychelles has long earned bragging rights concerning its leadership in the field of environmental protection, and our proactive efforts in sustainable practise. Last week’s article by Sasha Lekach on Travel Wire News  pertaining to Telsa providing “Wall Connectors” to offices free of charge so that employees can charge their electric vehicles while they work has reinforced the ideal that we ought to be moving towards environmentally-friendly transport if we are to do our part for a better and cleaner world.

Seychelles offers tax reduction incentives for electric or hybrid vehicles. With the move towards environmentally-friendly transport, it would be beneficial if Taxi services and the Tourism Industry could embrace this movement for a greener Seychelles. Incentives could include providing a charger to hotels, Taxi Ranks, the Ferry Port and the SCAA at the airport. Businesses and Government would need to take steps to install chargers at key points where staff and members of the public may recharge their electric vehicles as needed. With the rising costs in petrol and diesel, and the alarming duty on non-electric or hybrid vehicles, it is an accepted fact that Seychelles will have little option but to move down this path sooner rather than later.

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