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Emergency landing at Sydney Airport after passenger plane’s propeller falls off mid-air

A regional passenger plane has made an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after a propeller reportedly fell off during approach.

The Regional Express flight from Albury to Sydney – carrying 16 passengers and three crew – made a pan call on Friday afternoon when it was about 20 kilometres from the airport.

The crew of the Saab 340 said the propeller assembly had “dislodged”, Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson told AAP, while photographs of the plane on the ground show the right propeller had fallen off entirely.

The Rex aircraft made the emergency landing about 12.05pm on Friday after it lost the propeller at about 6,000 feet.

Sydney Airport and Rex Airlines both confirmed that the aircraft landed safely despite the failed propeller.

The Rex Airlines spokeswoman said that there were fortunately no injuries as a result of the emergency landing.

The airline’s spokeswoman confirmed the aircraft experienced issues with its propellers, but the exact cause of the aircraft’s failure was yet to be determined.

She said the airline was investigating and would have more information as it became available.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau assigned three investigators to the case, the ABC report.

With the investigation, they hope to determine whether there is a potential defect in all SAAB 340B aircrafts or if it was just the one aircraft.

The propeller which was lost mid-air has not yet been found but investigators say it will be an important piece in the investigation.

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