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Epic kiteboard journey reaches Zanzibar’s Nungwi point

Epic kiteboard journey reaches Zanzibar’s Nungwi point

At around 4pm on Friday, January 13, 6 kiteboarders and 2 windsurfers have reached Nungwi, Kendwa Rocks in Zanzibar.

This brings to an end a 9 day epic voyage that began in Lamu on January 5th. To reach Nungwi they needed to travel 800km on the water and achieved something no-one else has yet to do – to traverse the entire Kenyan coast and reach Zanzibar on a board for the first time in history. Under the auspices of the East African Board Riders Association, the purpose of the expedition is to raise funds and awareness for the Local Ocean Trust and African Billfish foundation, who work hard to protect our oceans and the life within it. So far more than $ 8,000 has been raised.

The second objective was to document the incredible East African coastline, it’s people, and it’s stories. The team has faced 3-meter high waves, traveled under the threat of sharks, crossed dangerous shipping channels, traversed hidden reefs, suffered dehydration, equipment failure and exhaustion. As they arrived in Tanga yesterday they had to endure some of the strongest winds encountered during their journey at 40 knots.

The team consisted of the owner of Che Shale resort north of Malindi Justin Aniere, the owner of H2O Extreme Kite School in Diani, Boris Polo, the Founder of Nairobi-based African Speakers and Artists, George Issaias and six more team members, all Kenyan-born but now residing in London, apart from photographer Nic Cahill who is Watamu-based.