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Ethiopian Airlines signs up for Sabre passenger reservations technology solution

Ethiopian Airlines signs up for Sabre passenger reservations technology solution

Africa’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, has renewed its passenger reservations system with global travel technology provider, Sabre Corporation. The airline also signed up for a suite of new technology solutions to support its continued growth as a world-class carrier.

Consistently posting record profits for the past seven years, Ethiopian Airlines has been using Sabre’s technology for its core reservations, network planning and e-commerce since 2005. Despite the daunting challenges in African aviation, Ethiopian Airlines has continued with thriving successes and has become the leading aviation group in Africa, nine years ahead of its 15 year strategic growth roadmap, Vision 2025.

“Leveraging the latest information technology and travel system solution is one of the pillars of our long-term growth plan, Vision 2025, and consequently we have made significant investments in technology to create a seamless passenger experience,” said Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO, Ethiopian Group. “Sabre’s technology partnership and expertise has been invaluable over the years, and that’s a key decision driver in our expanded relationship which includes new cutting-edge technology that will help us create better customer experiences and remain the airline of choice among travelers around the world.”

The next phase of development for Ethiopian Airlines is in enhancing its passenger experience. Among the new technology that Ethiopian Airlines will introduce is Sabre’s data solution, Intelligence Exchange. Currently airlines only use 12 percent of their data to engage with passengers; with Intelligence Exchange, they can turn the remaining 88 percent of data into actionable insights. Armed with a 360-degree view of each passenger, airlines can then offer individual travelers services that are uniquely relevant to them, helping increase sales of ancillaries.

“Ethiopian Airlines is one of aviation’s most compelling success stories, having overcome industry challenges to drive rapid and sustained growth on a continent where profitability in aviation is extremely rare,” said Dino Gelmetti, vice president, Airline Solutions, Sabre. “For more than a decade, Sabre’s technology has been helping Ethiopian Airlines maximize profits and offer a network of flights more extensive than any other African airline. As a result, it is now spearheading the African aviation industry and is a benchmark of success for other carriers on the continent and beyond.”

Ethiopian Airlines will further enhance the customer experience with several other leading solutions, including Sabre Mobile Concierge, which help airlines deliver superior customer service, especially during peak times, providing airline employees all the information they need to address passenger issues – right in the palm of their hands. This information can be used throughout the passenger journey – from check in to the boarding gate and beyond – to personalize communications.

“Eighty percent of flights to, from and within Africa are operated by non-African airlines,” continued Gelmetti. “This move helps Ethiopian better focus on understanding the individual needs of its passengers, while remaining an airline of choice among travelers. By implementing new customer-centric technology that can enhance the travel experience through contextual engagement, Ethiopian Airlines can win passengers from its rivals while experiencing up to 10 percent increase in revenues generated from ancillary sales.”

The airline will also implement Sabre’s new revenue optimization software, which will enable Ethiopian Airlines to price its services based on a customer’s willingness to buy different combinations of fares and ancillary services.

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