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Happy Valentine eTurboNews Friends & Tourism

Happy Valentine eTurboNews Friends & Tourism

Aloha and Happy Valentine to all our readers anywhere in the world.

Besides all the challenges it’s a wonderful world and the travel and tourism industry is a true and non-bias opportunity for peace, prosperity and friendship between people.

And yes travel is safe, fun and rewarding even to regions mass media and hysteria tell you different. Travel and tourism for the most part is personal and not political motivated.

Tourism contributes to the livelihood of millions that work hard to make this industry safe, welcoming and sustainable.

Tourism is a human right and inclusive to everyone regardless of political affiliations, religion, gender and sexual orientation. It must be accessible to everyone.

Don’t be scared to travel, but please mind the environment, climate change is real.

I full heartedly believe in this and eTurboNews is built on this principle.
Thanks for reading eTN and thanks for your friendship and  support.

Juergen T Steinmetz
Publisher eTurboNews (eTN)

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