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Austria tourism sets its sights on India

Austria tourism sets its sights on India

Austria, in the heart of Europe, is confident that the already strong arrivals from India will go up further. The reason for this optimism came out clearly on February 10 when the top brass of tourism and representatives of the country’s regions and attractions were in Delhi, India.

They listed several reasons for the expected rise in Indian arrivals to see Tirol, Vienna, Salsburg, and other attractions like Swarovski, where Indian designer Manish Arora will be in focus from March 2017.

The production of Indian movies, now and earlier, is another reason for greater awareness in Austria, which saw 147,300 arrivals from India in 2016 – 25 percent up from 2015. Overnights were 271,000 – a 24 percent rise.

Vienna is being promoted as a destination for young Indian travelers. Music, cuisine, culture, and museums are other features being promoted.