Event production software specialist named ibtm Technology & Innovation Watch Award winner

US-based Shoflo, shoflo.tv, an event production software specialist, is this year’s winner of the Tech & Innovation Watch Award presented by ibtm world in partnership with EventMB. The announcement was made today at ibtm world taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

Shoflo is a software platform designed specifically for event planners and production teams who are frustrated with excel. With Shoflo, teams can create show and event schedules and invite collaborators to build with them in real time. All edits save instantly and are seen by everyone. Shoflo offers real time edits across all documents and easy file sharing so that everyone is in one place and the entire team is on the same page. Event and production teams can login via their computers or tablets, and follow along as the show director advances from cue to cue. Incredibly, every user can hide and re-order columns based on their role or function. This allows the event team the ability to create large grids and for each individual to filter their view down. Shoflo also allows meeting planners and their clients to help achieve their green initiatives and say that they no longer print any production documents on show site.

Teams using Shoflo save thousands of dollars in paper and toner. As event communications continue to get more diverse with dropbox, slack, text message and emails, Shoflo offers a new way to channel the conversations and manage the versions of the various production documents with an easy use, comprehensive event management software. Stephen Bowles, Founder & CEO of Shoflo spoke of what this will mean to his company. “It’s an absolute honor to receive this award and I am so very thankful to the ibtm world and EventMB teams for bringing together these amazing software startups that are all solving very real challenges in this industry.

“Shoflo is more than just a new event software widget, we are really trying to change the behavior of an entire industry for the better. To be able to win this award at a global event like ibtm world is such an encouragement and validation for me and my team.” This year’s international competition attracted a record level of entries with many first timers from Hong Kong, India, Tanzania, Turkey, Finland, Norway and Romania.

The value to the winner includes not only the opportunity to showcase their technology and innovations within the ibtm world Innovation Zone, but also exposure to thousands of international industry attendees at ibtm world as well as the international media, during and after the event. The Shoflo team is showcasing their winning product in the Izone on the show floor of ibtm world. The other top 10 finalists were Aloompa, EventCollab, EventGeek, Fly Another Day, Grip, Groupize, GruupMeet, Meeting Evolution, and Visionteractive.

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