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Expensive PR Agency hired to make Dominican Republic safe again for American Visitors

Expensive PR Agency hired to make Dominican Republic safe again for American Visitors

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When asked what the Dominican Republic will do after 9 healthy American tourists died recently while on vacation in beach hotels like Hardrock or RIU, officials told eTurboNews. “We hired an expensive U.S. PR agency to turn the records on American travelers perception when it comes to visiting the Dominican Republic and their safety.”

The reports of a ninth healthy American was found dead in the Dominican Republic in the last 12 months, some American visitors may be questioning if the Caribbean country is still safe for travel. Security experts who talked to eTN voiced concern about the current safety and security situation in DR.

The Dominican Republic PR hired PR agency is working hard on image polishing and got a break today when NBC News agreed to reports about a new study that may provide some answers if traveling to the DR is safe or not.  The U.S. State Department suggested that presumptions of an increased risk to tourists in the Dominican Republic may be grandiloquent.

Nine healthy, middle-aged American adults staying at select hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel or TUI owned RIU hotel became suddenly ill. That number was down from the 15 reported deaths from unnatural causes through June in both 2011 and 2015, according to NBC News.

In a statement last week, Dominican Tourism Minister Francisco Javier García cited results from a survey by the country’s central bank that reported 99 percent of Americans who visited as tourists in 2018 “said they would return to our country on vacation.”

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