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Experience Australia in luxurious style

Experience Australia in luxurious style

Heading “down under” is a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience, what with the colorful characters, outstandingly unique floor and fauna, and eccentric cities that make up its attractions. Whether you’re taking the family or heading out on a solo trip to experience Australia’s wide range of sights, there are remarkably affordable options to choose to make your time spent on this huge and varied island both grippingly exciting and sumptuously luxurious. Here are just some of the options available to travelers and holiday-makers in “Oz” that’ll keep you on the stylish and five-star end of the vacation spectrum.


It’s not necessary to fly in first-class to travel in style and comfort. Indeed, Australia boasts some wondrous means of transport that’ll slowly meander you through stunning landscapes instead of flinging you briefly over them. From trains to ferries, long road trips to picnic cycle rides, Australia has more to offer in the transport department than many other countries; you just have to find your luxury option.

On the rails, there’s the world-renowned Ghan tour which snakes through mind-boggling terrain, with carriages decked out as if for a king. Join the exclusive club of rail devotees that have plied the line from Adelaide station to Darwin and experience a bygone mystique that harks back to the British colonial days with a distinct Aussie twist. The same comfort and opulence can be found on various coastal yacht routes, while car journeys along the sight-spangled coast offer both amazing vistas and out-of-the-way luxury restaurants, serving mouth-watering seafood alongside some incredible wine.


On that note, one cannot mention a luxury experience in Australia without noting the five-star dining experiences on offer – often in the most surprising locations, tucked between foothills or atop towering cliffs. From seafood to the grill, this country boasts enough world-famous chefs and internationally-acclaimed eateries that would give France a run for its money – again, it’s a case of doing your research and narrowing down to exactly what tickles your taste buds.

In cosmopolitan Sydney or the culture hub Melbourne, you’ll find intense culinary fusions from recipes worldwide – especially Asian dishes, which have enjoyed particular resonance amongst the locals. Head into the bush for indigenous meats you’ve never before contemplated eating, roasted atop a traditional barbecue. Most of all, though, at nearly every luxury eatery, you’ll find the country’s affordable and outstanding wine – both white and red – to elegantly wash down your chosen meal. For a luxury experience of Australia, nothing can beat sinking a bottle with a loved one while looking out over the Great Barrier Reef on a sumptuously-decorated yacht.


There’s something for everyone’s tastes in Australia, from outback lodges dripping with local charm and rustic vibes, to city retreats like those offered by Newcastle Executive Apartments which will allow you to take a deep breath between sight-seeing tours. Planning an itinerary can sometimes be focused on what you’re hoping to see – like Table Mountain or Sydney Opera House – but since Australia has such a rich offering of luxury accommodation, sometimes you ought to skew your trip’s plan in favor of sampling one of the truly unique places to stay. Staying in less popular towns and cities will also open you up to meeting with the fabulously friendly and unfailingly hilarious populace of Australia in all of their chuckling glory.

Don’t neglect to think outside of the box where this is concerned; you might find some fascinatingly unique offerings on Airbnb, which provide not only luxury but the exclusive, gratifying feeling of having unearthed a pricey gem in the treasure trove that is Australia’s hotel scene. Likewise, a luxury trip with an adventurous edge might see you quad biking deep into the sandy outback to sleep beneath the stars, or Jet Ski to an island on which bamboo huts provide your own private slice of paradise.


Australia’s buoyant economy and culturally-aware populace fuels a shopping sensation that can take the new traveler aback. From glitzy modern malls to indigenous village crafts arranged in boutiques, there’s truly something for everybody’s tastes in Australia. If you like to get your dose of spending in when on holiday, check out some of the hotspots for fashion, vintage items, or cutting-edge technology that are dispersed around Australia’s most vibrant cities.

As well as the biggest and most sought-after international luxury brands, if you’re at all a fashionista, it is worth discovering the wealth of home-grown fashion designer talent that Australia has to offer. In this way, you’ll have both a memorable souvenir and a unique item to add to your wardrobe come the end of your holiday.

Special Oddities

Like any other country with a busy, creative tourism sector, there’s a wealth of bog-standard tours available in Australia. But on top of that, there’s innovative, thrilling and utterly luxurious experiences offered by the most creative and dynamic people in the country’s tourist trade. To put the cherry on the cake of your time spent down under, you should put a good deal of research into the array of mind-boggling experiences that the country is fortunate to boast.

Offering just a taster of these options, you might find hot air balloons over red-sand deserts, submarine tours that jet through huge schools of hammerhead sharks, and 4×4 safaris that expose the country’s unique marsupials in a way that package tours can’t. You might even select front-row seats at the opera house, or watch an ‘Aussie Rules’ football game play out from a luxury box. The choice is entirely up to you, but if you’re someone who likes to mix the normal tourist sights with sight-seeing that has its own special quirky value, then Australia is the destination for you.

There are trips to Australia, and then there’s luxury tours of the island that take in the best food and drink, the most incredible sights, and the most one-of-a-kind experiences that the country has to offer tourists. If you’re someone for which the latter prospect excites the imagination and loosens the budget, then this list should prove helpful in shaping your future itinerary in this land of cultural wealth and natural beauty unparalleled.

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