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Experience the sounds of Lapland

Experience the sounds of Lapland

People are willing to travel around the world to experience the beauty of Finnish Lapland. House of Lapland and Visit Finland wanted to offer a glimpse of that experience for those, who haven’t yet been able to travel there, by producing a collection of sounds of Lapland.

The healing effect of nature is well known and nature-based-tourism is a growing trend as more and more people are looking for that perfect spot to shake the stress off their shoulders.

Finns have always sought peace and serenity in the calm of a forest. It is probably one of the reasons Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world.

“Focusing in the sounds and sights of nature is the oldest form of meditation. Wandering in the nature empowers and calms us. Research shows that only fifteen minutes in the forest reduces the stress level,” Jesse Ketonen, the Head of travel marketing of House of Lapland says.

As only few are able to travel to Finnish Lapland and experience the therapeutic serenity of pure nature by themselves, House of Lapland and Visit Finland have created a collection of nature sounds available for everyone. One can now travel by a refreshing fell brook or wander in a deep forest at the Arctic Circle only by closing the eyes and listening to the genuine sounds recorded in the nature.

“We hope that people get inspired by the sounds and use them to create their very own interpretation of Finnish Lapland. We would love to share the outcomes and projects in our Only in Lapland channels. In this way we can combat the noise pollution in our everyday lives,” Ketonen says.

Nature brought inside hotels

Santa’s Hotels is the first hotel chain to offer its own soundscape to the visitors. Santa’s Hotels’ soundscape is based on the Lapland Sound Collection and it has been produced in co-operation with musician Janne Airaksinen.

It creates a unique Lapland experience right from the beginning of the stay.

“We want to share with our guests our love and commitment to the local lifestyle, wellbeing and pure nature. We also want to offer them memorable stays and unforgettable experiences. Sound of Lapland project is part of our way to bring a taster of the true Lappish nature experience as part of any hotel stay, whether you are in the privacy of your own hotel room, in a meeting or the reception. You can just close your eyes and let the natural sounds of nature relax your body and mind,” Eveliina Korhonen, Director of Sales of Santa’s Hotels says.