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Fans of Japanese culture invited to visit Japan with attractive travel deals

Fans of Japanese culture invited to visit Japan with attractive travel deals

Every year thousands of Japanophiles flock to Japan Week at Grand Central Station, an event where passerby can sample Japan’s food, products, and culture, with many presenters and vendors coming from Japan exclusively for the event. Travel agency H.I.S. however, doesn’t want guests to stop there.

With affordable airfare and domestic travel deals, H.I.S. is looking to dispel the myth of Japan as an expensive destination, and help those interested in Japanese culture actually visit the country.

One of its signature products which will be on sale at the event is called HAnavi, pairing domestic airfare and hotels at extremely discounted prices.

For example, taking a domestic flight to locations hard or impossible to reach by train such as Hokkaido and Okinawa may not seem like an obvious option for many visitors to the country, but when round trip flights from Tokyo can be bundled with hotel stays in the destination for only $99 per person, more travelers may consider getting off the beaten path. Popular destinations such as Hiroshima are also eligible for the deal.

With other value packages in addition to HAnavi, H.I.S. has something for customers visiting Japan for the first time or repeat visitors looking to experience it more deeply, assisting from the initial planning stage to booking exclusive deals. They will be present on all three days of this year’s Japan Week from March 8th to 10th, and even those who are just dreaming of visiting the country are encouraged to try talking to one of their friendly and knowledgeable agents. That dream of a Japan trip may not be as distant as previously thought.

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