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Fashion Rocks first time in Asia

Fashion Rocks first time in Asia

Fashion Rocks China 2016 made breaking entertainment news by creating a super stylish splash in Shanghai

Across the globe, Fashion Rocks offers an exclusive experience combining fashion by top fashion brands and live music performances by world-renowned musicians.

APAX LIVE presented the first Fashion Rocks in Asia on October 14th, 2016 in Shanghai, and live-streamed the show to over 50 million viewers via Tencent Video.

Fashion Rocks China 2016 made breaking entertainment news by creating a super stylish splash in Shanghai, right smack in the middle of Shanghai Fashion Week! Professionally produced by exclusive licensee and organizer APAX LIVE, a star-studded night of fancy fashion, flawless footwork and fantabulous entertainment kept the nearly 10,000-strong crowd constantly on their feet.

The only event for Shanghai International Fashion Showcase in 2016, Fashion Rocks was the go-to fashion event for 2017 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week. An important part of the Shanghai Government’s promotional campaign “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!”, Fashion Rocks 2016 showed the world the charm of Shanghai as an international metropolis that combines Oriental and Western culture.

British pop singer Charli XCX, Asia’s pop icon CoCo Lee and American Superstar Usher gave sensational performances on the stage of this exclusive one-night-only fashion and music event. Showcasing their collections on stage were Chinese fashion designer SANKUANZ, international fashion designer Giambattista Valli thru his Giamba line, and international luxury crystal brand Swarovski. With their amazing live performances and cooperation with three different fashion brands, Charli XCX, CoCo Lee, and Usher ignited the night in the name of fashion and music.

Fashion Rocks 2016 was Coco Lee’s first appearance as a live show hostess; the multi-talented CoCo took the stage alongside hip-hop artist and DJ personality Jeff Kung. SWIN-S from Super Idol also performed as the opening act.

Established in 2003 and founded by Prince’s Trust, Fashion Rocks has previously been held in London, New York, Monaco and Rio de Janeiro. With astounding live fashion and music showcases lasting for 2.5 hours, bringing the best out of the two worlds — Music and Fashion — Fashion Rocks has featured A-List singers and artists including Beyoncé, Grace Jones, Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Justin Bieber and more together with Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Christian Dior, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and other world-class fashion brands.

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